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Given Arcade Fire’s recent SNL appearance to support their new album “The Suburbs”, here are two graphical depictions (using wordle) of all the words they used for lyrics in the album. Click on the picture to make it larger.

Wordle: arcadefire1

Wordle: arcadefire3

I gave wordle all the lyrics in the album and removed all function words such as the, you, and of. It then weights the size of each word by its frequncy. So the top most frequently used words in “The Suburbs” are: la (94 times), rococo (40), now (34), used (32), like (29), wait (28). Surprisingly, for an album about suburban disenchantment, suburbs is only mentioned 6 times and suburban once.

An onion avclub interviewer asked AF members Jeremy Gara and Richard Reed Parry: One of the more frequent criticisms of the record is that it feels heavy-handed—that the subject is something of a cliché, or that Win is always talking about “the kids.” Kids is mentioned 14 times in the entire album, or, less than once per song.


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